Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Team GBH

So I joined a new paintball team called Team GBH and had my first training with them on Sunday. They're a cool bunch of guys who are much closer, and even beyond, my age. I don't have any responsibilities except being a soldier and doing what I'm told. It's great. No worries about setting up trainings and tournaments or finding sponsors (unless Scott and Etnies takes an interest ;) ) or making drills or nothing. The guy who's training us is well-seasoned and well-respected and knows what he's doing. I'm on the 'A-Squad', which is the first team, though I'm not entirely sure of my position yet. But the best part was just hanging out with the guys, getting to know them, and playing for fun. 'Just for a laugh' as they say here in Blighty. Though we'll take tournaments and training seriously, we won't let it govern our lives and beat someone up if we lose. And since there are quite a few players, there is less pressure on me to commit to everything. While it was hard to leave Conspiracy, and I wish those guys the best of luck, I'm relieved and excited to play with GBH.

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Mr.Peepers said...

GBH=Great Britain Hardcore? Name of an old band.

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