Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emergence of the Why

The Y-Chromosome that is.
This, I believe is my first entry in our 'family' blog that Jess has been faithfully updating and I occasionally drop in to read. But being a family blog, I have finally been inspired (by the Bowser Blog and Pat's historic Madrid Blog and a wandering around the backyard with my pipe for the first time in an aeon) to start putting down some of my thoughts and experiences. Not that I have a lot of time atm (at the moment: I've gotten into using a lot of the chat-acronyms from the kids) to write much but this intro, since inspiration for me often comes (too) late at night. It's 11:07pm and I need bed. So hopefully this is just the beginning. 'Nite.
-Chong the father
**this is my font, so all future posts written in this font are probably from me.

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