Friday, September 17, 2010

Military Bias Dress

I've decided to release my creative energy again. I began crocheting a sweater for Evie, but it's a slow process because most evenings I'm just too sleepy to pick up the yarn and count stitches. So, I was surfing the net one day and came upon my new favorite crafty blog. There are quite a few tutorials on making clothes for little girls and I decided to make her this super cute dress. I started about a week or so ago when the kids went down for a nap (at the same time!). Their nap lasted a blissful and unusual three hours. I was able to make the dress pattern, cut out the fabric and sew the pockets! I'd planned on the whole thing taking me a few weeks to complete, but was very inspired after getting so much done at once. I finished it over the next few days. However, I only worked on it during nap time, so when I tried the almost finished product on Evie, it was a bit snug. No worries, just more work. I had to let out the side seams and get creative with making the neck line large enough to fit over her head. Eventually, it all worked and Evie loves it...especially the pockets!

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