Monday, September 5, 2011

Evangelyn's 3rd Birthday

Evangelyn turned three a few weeks ago and we celebrated with a princess party. It was less than a week after we returned from California so I was still pretty jet lagged when putting the party together. Therefore, we had a store-bought cake and decorations that required little imagination on my part. I felt a little bad that it was all rushed, but Evangelyn didn't care a bit and loved her castle. She was so excited for the party and helped me buy last-minute party favors the morning of. I loved having her involved in the party planning and watching her excitement over it all. She chose a treasure hunt for one of her games (digging for treasure in the sandpit). It was a favorite, but not pics. I was busy leading the party. Here are a few other highlights...

What? Me? I didn't just inhale a chocolate cupcake. Really. I'm innocent.

Tearing the presents apart. Her favorite was some princess lip gloss.

Sharing a new story.

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