Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Latest Creations

I've been on a yarn binge lately. As soon as I finish one thing, I have to start another. My fingers cannot stay still. First, I finally finished knitting my green hat that I started almost a year ago. The original hat was my first ever knitted item. It's also the one I lost in London one of the first times I wore it. My second effort turned out a little short, so I added a few rows of crochet to the edge. I will not lose this one. Next, I made a stocking for my mother-in-law to match some that her mother made for her years ago. Then a brown hat for my dorm's "Dirty Santa" gift exchange. It's not like it sounds, though. It's only dirty because you can steal other people. My latest is a funny-looking hat that I might take apart. The pattern was much cuter than my final product, but at least it was fun to make! I had to get a little creative with the brim cause it initially kept flopping down over my eyes.
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