Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Evangelyn

Here are some fun pictures of Evangelyn from the last month or so.

Two very exciting things have happened in the last week. The first - Evangelyn rolled from her tummy to her back! The second - Evangelyn laughed! The day before yesterday for the first time! I thought I was hearing things, but then she did it again yesterday and her dad was witness, too. Now, my favorite thing to do is try to make her laugh. Her favorite sounds to make sound like baby dinosaurs. We think those sounds are her trying to laugh and every once in a while a real laugh really does come out.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In Brugge

We took a weekend trip to Brugge...roamed around the streets and canals, shopped at the Christmas markets, drank hot wine and hot delicious chocolate. It was Evangelyn's first trip across the channel and to the continent. She loved it and was so good...except at around 10:30pm. She fought sleep for about an hour and we didn't want to let her cry herself to sleep because we were in a hotel. She finally fell asleep when we put her in her stroller and pushed it back and forth in the hotel room.
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