Thursday, September 6, 2012

Evie's Fairy Party

Evie's gnome and fairy friends came to celebrate her birthday!

There was sweet food and hidden fairies everywhere.

The boys really enjoyed the treats.

We had a scavenger hunt led by me, the fairy queen, to find the missing fairy babies.

The little fairies and gnomes had to find my crown, jewelry, and wand before they found the babies.

Of course, there was cake...


...and a piñata.

I think I need to start making piñatas out of thinner cardboard...this one was tough to break and I didn't even use much tape!

Last, but not least, for all the die hard partiers, there was face paint. It's funny that most of them don't look very happy about their faces...maybe the sugar low finally kicked in.

Happy Birthday! ...again!

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