Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Very Windy N. Irish Day

Northern Ireland

For our 3-day Thanksgiving weekend, we flew to Ireland. We stayed at Heathfield Farm, a lovely B&B with the most hospitable hostess. Breakfast was delicious with homemade Irish bread and there was a relaxing lounge area with a fireplace (so warm), hot tea and biscuits. But the best was the bed with electrically heated matresses. It was like sleeping in a jacuzzi, but dry. We spent our two days exploring the area of the Giant's Causeway and getting wind-blown by the stormy, rainy, windy weather. So much fun!

Germany InPro

In October, we chaperoned 19 students on a trip to Germany. We started in Berlin and ended in M√ľnich, visiting a new town practically every day in between. Our group of students was fabulous, quite the opposite of our tour guide who loved to nag, nag, nag. Here's a small taste of what we saw and experienced.

German Puppet Show


I know. It's a long time past Halloween. It's even past Thanksgiving, but I have to show our fabulous costumes. Chavs. Hopefully, nobody takes offense to them. We just had to do it. It was way too tempting and so easy. After spending some time observing and taking notes in Staines (the nearest town for entertainment), our costumes were a cinch and I think we impressed all the 'locals' at the Halloween party. We even had our very own Staines (middle)- quite a nice surprise! My final words on Halloween: "Oy!"

A few weeks after Halloween, we had another chance to break out some costumes. It was definitely one of my least favorite themes because it's a total stereotype and I don't even know anyone who fits it. But we had no choice. Our friends at pastorate (church fellowship group) though it would be fun and funny to dress as nerds. I was very anti and couldn't think of anything to wear. Chris came up with a clever idea to wear lab coats and goggles - easy to shed after a few minutes.

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