Monday, February 2, 2009

Evangelyn is a Movie Star

Here's a short video of Evangelyn and some of her latest tricks. There's no rolling over, yet, but she makes lots of fun sounds and likes to try to eat things. The best is at the end, so you'll have to watch the entire film to see her really laugh.


Chris said...

OMG SOOOOOO!!!!! CUTEEEEEEEEE!!! :):P:D thpppttt!

scruffylooking said...

So cute! Especially when Chris went "Brrrrr. Brrrr. Ow. Brrrrr. Ow."

Oh and Evie laughing was cute, too.

kay and jerry said...

wow....she is so cute and we loved hearing her laugh!!!!!

we love you all
dad and mom

Anonymous said...

wow, super cute babe you have there! and i can't believe the snow! here it is cool in the a.m. but by the afternoon hot, hot, hot. like the 90's but this week it'll even be 100! wow!
can't wait to see you guys!!!
xxx, kc

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