Monday, May 21, 2007


So, they've made a musical of the Lord of the Rings and we saw it Friday night in London. Supposedly, it's the most expensive musical ever made, but I don't think they put the money toward the acting. Gandalf spit out his lines like Speedy Gonzalez without any emotion. The songs weren't too bad, but the choreographer got a little out of control when it came to hand movements. Every time the elves spoke, sang, or were just standing in the background, they made funky moves with their hands almost like sign language, but not quite. It was so strange and cheezy that we had to laugh, even at the most serious moments. The set was pretty cool, probably where they spent the most money. The stage revolved in just about every direction. As for other special effects, the spider was super cool - an oversized puppet on strings. Overall, we had a good time, but I definitely do not recommend the show.

Before we saw the show, we grabbed dinner at a yummy sushi restaurant and then coffee at Cafe Nero where Chris became friends with another one of nature's creatures. This time it was a ladybug.


mary said...

is this of jess or the ladybug??

The Chongs said...

both :)

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