Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I went for a jog on a narrow dirt road around this little lake by our house. I was about half way around the lake, dodging some weeping willows that were blocking the road when a large white object crashed into me and I went flying through the air, landing awkwardly in the dirt. It was a car. I was just hit by a car. Am I dead? I thought. No, I'm alive.

The guy, whose name I later learned was Trevor, quickly got out of his car and made sure I was okay. He kept saying he was sorry and sorry and sorry. After a few moments, the bruises on my leg started to show. Trevor drove me to a very nearby wake board park. I sat on a bench and waited for him to come over with the first aid people. My only thought was, at least I get to sit and wait in the sun. The first aid man asked if I could feel my toes, if I was dizzy, and if I wanted to go to 'emergency.' Miraculously, I felt fine. I was in shock, of course, but nothing compared to the Vespa crash.

Trevor then drove me home, apologizing pretty much the entire ride until he started making small talk, which I wasn't really in the mood for. I assured him that I was fine and walked up the gravel driveway to our cottage. I was so grateful that Chris was home. He was supposed to be at paintball, but the other guys bailed out. He put ice on my legs, cleaned the few small cuts, and took care of me for the next few hours.

What a day! I never thought I'd be hit by a car and am so thankful to God that my only injuries are some bruises and sore muscles. The real bummer is that I have to wait for the white flash to disappear every time I close my eyes, and I have to find a new jogging route.


jaegerbuss said...

Ouch, running can be hazardous to your health, be careful!

mary said...

glad u r ok...u could be a stunt person :)

Christina said...

Thank God He protected you!!!! What a wierd situation. When you said white object i waiting for you to say a swan that might have been on the lake hit you, with all these wild life stories you have.

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