Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Two more hats are finished!

The first is my second knitted hat, and I was pretty impressed with the finished product, even though it looks a little imperfect in the photo. The most important thing is that Chris loved it! He wore it almost every night when we were in Bulgaria. The second is for a girl in my dorm who had been asking me to make her a hat for months. I had planned to crochet on the plane to Bulgaria, hoping to finish before we arrived. I hadn't planned very well, though, because I ran out of yarn before the hat was complete. I tried it on and it somewhat resembled a yarmulke. So, it sat and waited in my suitcase for one week and then another two in my house until I finally had a chance to get to the yarn store. Then it was finished in no time and Adrianna loved it!

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