Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now in a Daze from the Holidays

We're back in the UK and struggling to beat the jet lag. According to our notes from past trips, it should take about a week until we are somewhat close to normal in our sleeping patterns. Here is an approximation of what last night was like: Evie and Canaan went to sleep at 8:50. Both woke up at 10:15. Back to sleep at 2. Evie woke up at 2:40. Back to sleep at 4. Woke up at 4:15. Back to sleep at 4:20. Me wide awake at 4:20 for about another hour. Yawn.

It took two very large cups of coffee and one small one to get me through today and now I'm wishing I had another to help me keep my eyes open for another hour while I sit in the dorm and make sure the students are studying diligently. They are. I almost wish they weren't so that I'd have to be active instead of just sitting here.

I gave up on shopping ebay for a Kindle cover and thought I'd write a little about Christmas here to help me stay awake. We spent two weeks in San Clemente.

Okay. I'm now too tired to write and just got distracted by facebook, so I'm going to post some pics instead of writing.

Just kidding. I don't have them with me here in the dorm, so I'll post them later from home.

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