Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The (2nd) Best Christmas Present Ever!

It would be THE BEST Christmas present ever except for the fact that Canaan was born on Christmas, so he has to be the best one. The second best gift, I received today. It's in my kitchen and is going to add hours to my week. It's a dishwasher! It's a long story starting with how we asked for it but then did not think we were going to get it and finally encountered a situation that worked to our benefit and we got it. The work began about 10 days ago when the maintenance guys removed our tiny refrigerator, leaving an empty space just large enough to catch our kids' interest. Canaan managed to pull off a board that used to cover the bottom part of the cabinets. A couple days later, I was facing the stove preparing dinner and Canaan was hanging out in the kitchen with me. I suddenly heard a strange noise, turned around and only saw his feet sticking out of the cave. He was stunned but fortunately not hurt. We ended up sticking our rubbish bins in the hole to keep the kids out. It worked pretty well. So, after 9 days of protecting our kids from the cave of danger, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum received a threat from their boss that made them eager to install our dishwasher. They finished at noon and I finished my afternoon washing up in 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 15 to 20.

I love my dishwasher.

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