Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dungeon Paintball

Met some guys from Team GBH, Kent and Ron, downtown at Tower Paintball to get some trigger time before the tournament on the 5th. Took the train into Waterloo, then hopped on the Tube to London Bridge. Took about an hour total, but I had to heave my 30lb pball backpack around town. Got to the field right next to the London Dungeon and found myself in a damp dark cold storage facility beneath the London Bridge (I think). The field (there was only one tourney field) was about 70 feet long and 20 feet wide. The concrete floors had a thin layer of astroturf that my Osiris skateshoes just barely gripped. Water constantly seeped through the walls and saturated the floor. The only drill I didn't like was 'jousting' in which players from opposite corners ran toward the center cone guns blazing. Ideally, the first person hit or the first person to the center wins. But the way these guys played it, it didn't matter if you were hit, so they just kept charging and firing 12 balls/second until they reached, or often passed, the cone. This is what I call 'pain'ball since it's basically the first guys to give up from the pain. Stupid. It was defintely an interesting experience, though, got a bit of training in, found a source fro cheapish paint, and spent some quality time with Kent, Ron, and some spicy chicken wings, so it was a good time overall.

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