Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cousins Slumber Party

The cousins had a slumber party tonight. It started with Pedro's burritos for dinner. Then cupcakes and frosting for dessert. After all that sugar, we needed an energetic outside activity...Snail Racing!

There were about five races. Corey's little guy won the first two. The next three were pretty close. The three guys above were more into becoming close friends than racing.

This was the very first race.

After snail racing, it was movie time. Cars for the little kids. Harry Potter for Corey. Popcorn and Gummi Bears. The kids loved it until Canaan became way overtired and started climbing and jumping all over. Bedtime. I had to sit next to him in his room for an hour making him stay in his bed until he was finally able to calm down and go to sleep. 10 o'clock is way too late for that little guy.

Can't wait to have pancakes in the morning!!

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