Sunday, January 8, 2012


Evie's and Canaan chose some pictures to share...
 Me and Canaan were jumping off.
 Me and Mommy watching the show of Princess and the Pea.
Our Christmas tree.
I feed the ducks and I saw a castle.

Me and Canaan
Canaan goes to school! 
Backpack! (says Canaan)

...and, yes. It really is that dark when the kids leave for school. Canaan seemed to love his first day at nursery school. No tears. I felt a little lonely the first half hour of the morning that I had all to myself but then I was used to it and LOVED it! I sat in front of my s.a.d. light for a half hour, planned the grocery list, put on my makeup, and got some laundry done with no interruptions...and then I still had time to go to the store, unload all the groceries, and finish up some more laundry before picking up my little monkeys from school. This is great!

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