Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a Fairy, I'm a Bee

 Since Evie's been into dressing up more lately, I decided to make her a fairy skirt to wear with her wings. I got inspiration from two blogs that I love (Happy Together and Samster Mommy) and created something that's sort of a mix of the two. I used a scrap of fabric I found in the remnants box for £1, bells from the charity shop and some ribbon that's been floating around our house for years now. I think the silver might even be left over from my wedding 7 years ago!
 As you can see, Evie loved it. She didn't want Canaan to be left out and kept asking if I made him a fairy skirt.
 Instead, we decided to make him a bee and pulled out Evie's Halloween costume.
They had so much fun flying around the house...
...and then decided to get just a little crazy by becoming 
a monkey fairy and a lion-bee.

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