Saturday, November 13, 2010

Canaan's Walking!

He started about two weeks ago with about two careful steps between the sofa and the coffee table. This progress to about three steps between the table and the futon. Now, he loves to walk and does it spontaneously with no extra encouragement from anyone! Today he was so proud because he was able to walk while holding a sippy cup. That wasn't quite as successful as when he has his hands free, but it was fun to watch him figure something else out that he can do. Oh, that reminds me that he also figured out how to shake his head "no." It's a very exaggerated shake that takes a whole lot of effort, but it's adorable. As for Evie, yesterday she was really into saying "Oh, my goodness!" with many different intonations. Pretty cute. And of course, her two favorite questions continue to by "Why?" and "What are you doing?" We also get to review when everyone has their birthday parties...every day!

Here's a video of our snack time... 

Bear Cub Canaan & Froggy Evie ready to brave the cold, windy, rainy day. Thanks for the hats Nanny!

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