Monday, July 13, 2009


Here are some pics of our time in Hawaii so far. We've been here a week. The first few days were good. We were shown around the farm, taught how to feed the animals, and had some free time to spend with friends. The last couple days have been tough. We're both being slowly eaten by mosquitos and my pregnancy hormones have been very active, making me cry over three more mosquito bites. Chris has been doing all sorts of things on the farm, but I can't do much cause of my growing baby. I've been given some menial tasks like stuffing papers into sheet protectors and collecting the chicken eggs. Today, I was shown how to take care of baby ducks and horses, but I don't think I'll actually be doing either. Yesterday was quite a day. We were meant to meet Milo for church, but he had other obligations which we didn't know about because we don't get any phone reception on the farm. So, we showed up at his house and he was getting ready to leave. No worries. We decide to just go on our own. We turned the corner and suddenly Evangelyn puked all over herself and the carseat! Yuck! All the eggs from breakfast came shooting out and I got to witness it cause I was sitting next to her. We pulled over immediately, stripped her down to her diaper and went back to Milo's to shower her off an clean everything up. Therefore, no church. No worries. Instead we visited a Buddhist temple, walked around Waikiki and swam at the beach. Last night, we went to Amy's bbq and ate delicious food! It was a very refreshing day away from the farm and mostly away from my little enemies.

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momchong said...

I loved the pix, and the baby animals, especially your little chickie. I'm sorry about the mosquitos, ug, I hate them. Can't you use repellent, or is that not good for pregnant moms, or rather, babies inside of pregnant moms? --Hugs

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