Monday, July 14, 2008

29 more days!

Only four more weeks until my due date! I really can't wait. You can see how huge I am and I just keep getting more enormous. Carrying this much weight is not fun, especially when I have to pick something up off the floor or roll over in the middle of the night. It is far from effortless. As for the other not-so-fun symptoms of pregnancy, I've got numb, tingly fingers. It started occasionally and is now almost all the time. It feels very strange to type without feeling the keys. Other than the heaviness, numbness, indigestion, and sleepless nights, I can't complain. I know there are SO many other worse things I could be experiencing.

The baby's room is just about ready...have I mentioned that she's a girl for sure? We got another ultrasound in California and two technicians verified. Back to the room...we got our crib a few days ago, and it's all set up. We joined an NCT (National Childcare Trust) class all about the birthing process and are learning all sorts of facts and techniques to make the whole experience easier. We visited the new hospital and it already appears much nicer than the original, so I feel even more confident and comfortable.

The baby still moves a lot! Now the movements are much more visible from the outside and strong on the inside. I took a video, but Blogger won't let me add it right now. I'll get it up when I can.

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Kathy said...

CUTE pics! Won't be long now, til the miraculous day. Keep us posted!

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