Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Puzzled

Yesterday, I checked my mail box after work and found a package. I was excited, since my birthday's coming up and thought that perhaps it was my first birthday gift. As soon as I opened it, I became very puzzled. It was a puzzle. I haven't put together a puzzle since I was in elementary school. Who would give me a puzzle? I have no idea because there was no sender's name, no return address other than that of the puzzle company. Weird. Even weirder, this puzzle is not just any ordinary puzzle, but a very special one. It is a puzzle of San Clemente with my parents' house, where I lived most of my life, in the center. Now, that means whoever sent it must know me and know very specifically where I am from and where I am now.

Puzzle 1: fit the cardboard pieces together
Puzzle 2: find out who sent the anonymous puzzle

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