Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snow in April??

I always thought that April SHOWERS bring May flowers, but I guess England decided to have winter in April. Isn't it usually spring in April? I'm confused because I woke up this morning, glanced out the window and everything was white!


jaegerbuss said...

its global warming!

athankfulone said...

Is that you, Joel???

The first year I lived in Placerville, it snowed in April. A friend from OC came to visit me, expecting to enjoy spring time in the foothills, and instead spent time shopping for winter jackets!

And once when I took Marek and a friend camping in Idyllwild, it snowed on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Surprise! Sent everyone home!

Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Christina said...

wow! unbelievable!!

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